Kimono Rental in Fukuoka | Aiya

question What are the things to be prepared on my own?
answer Please bring payment amount and your identification card only.
If you do not need special requests, goods required for the kimono rental has been ready all.
※Note of caution
We have cleaning every time.
but respect to those in direct contact with the skin such as "socks" or "underwear", not necessarily have become completely clean.
We sell new it at over-the-counter. Please purchase a new one, if necessary.
Geta shoes rental in the case of the yukata rental have also a risk of infection to the ringworm fungus.
We recommend to bring your own sandals, or to purchase a new geta selling in our shop.
question How many days I can rent it?
answer In the case of a kimono rental, rental period is one day. Please return by 18:00 of the date of rental.
In the case of the experience plans such as Hakama, Shichigosan and Wedding, please return within 4 hours.
Please return within 4 days 3 nights in the case of Yukata rental. If outside business hours, you can return it to the "return post" of our shop.
※In the case of only yukata rental, you will be able to use the "return post".
question Do I need an appointment?
answer As a rule, We are giving priority to reserved customers.
you can rent a kimono with no reservation, but you have to wait in order.
If you do the reservation you can enjoy a rental in comfort and smooth way.
※In the case of no reservation some services may not be able to provide. Please note.
question How long until days ago I can make a reservation?
answer In the case of reservation from the Internet, please subscribe to until 18:30 of the day before the use day.
If you will book on the rental day, we can receive your reservation only by phone (Japanese only).
※If you will book on the rental day some services may not be able to provide. Please note.
question I must wash the Kimono? and When soiled kimono, what should I do?
answer Without your concern. Please return as it is without the washing.
If you will dirt or damage on kimono by mistake, You have to pay the stain removal fee of our regulations.
but, you may not have to pay an extra stain removal price in the following cases.
1. Mud dirt of force majeure, which has attached on a rainy day.
2. Collar dirt by the foundation cosmetics.
※Please take care in the following cases. "Break the kimono by hooking" "Defile the kimono by spilling coffee, wine and the like"